Inspiring The Fictionist

There is one evil every fictionist duels with constantly: the demon of doubt. And this demon, it is relentless, attacking the writer day or night. This demon will poison the mind with thoughts meant to break the spirit. This demon will question your purpose for writing. This demon will weakenRead More

A Mother’s Love

What is a mother’s love? All of us will agree that a mother’s love is many things put together – her selfless sacrifice to endure physical pain and discomfort from pregnancy to birth; her hard work as a provider and caregiver to her biological or adopted children; her compassion andRead More

Spoilers, and the Spoiled

If you ask me “do not post spoilers in social media”, I will tell you up front that I can’t make that promise. If the movie or TV show is great, I will be elated – naturally! Of course, I want to talk about it with others who have seenRead More


“Gusto kong bumalik sa pagtuturo (I want to return to teaching),” I told someone once, not too long ago. “Teacher? Mahirap ang pera dyan. Bakit gusto mo pang mag-turo? (A teacher? Teaching does not pay well. Why do you want to teach?),” he said. I was surprised – shocked evenRead More

Harbors of Time

You said that you’d come back As I watch you sail, off to far away and how you said it wouldn’t be long Years passed by, as quick as the sudden tempest Yet, you were never back And still I wait in the Harbors of Time (December 2, 1997 |Read More

At Forty

If life begins at 40, then let the first few days be a moment of illumination, so that the path moving forward is defined and set by the conscious effort to live fulfilled, without the burden of the then-inaccessible and now lost opportunities, without the excuses employed by a onceRead More


“Buti sana kung magkakaroon ka ng powers kung marami kang tato’ eh, no?” Hindi naman judgmental yung tono ng aking ama. Amused lang. Nasabi ko yun kasi noong nilingon niya ako pagkatapos sabihin ito, nakangiti siya. Naibulalas niya ito isang tanghali habang sakay kami ng kanyang owner-type jeep (o ‘oner’)Read More

Kuya Guardian Angel

I know that my first child became an angel after he died seven months inside his mother’s womb. I am sure I am not the only who embraces this belief. I think this helps us cope because after death displaces the living, we need to restructure the order of thingsRead More

A Child of the Universe, and a Mother’s Love

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. This is how Max Ehrmann opens ‘Desiderata’. These words were immediately imprinted in my mind – the proverbial sponge easily seduced by such words of comfort the young and tender-hearted yearns for. When theRead More

Of Grit and Excuses

We live in a world corrupted by the culture of making excuses. And the alarming thing is that it has become so pervasive we are now accustomed to it. We don’t feel offended anymore when, in place of effort, they offer an excuse, as if words, agreements, promises, and commitmentsRead More

Takot sa Karayom

Dread. There is nothing inside me but dread. My heart beats, yes, and with every muscular contraction, my veins are flooded with blood tainted by dread. My stomach makes a gurgling sound, and I know it is not hunger, but dread. I was left to wonder how something so small,Read More


Nagpi-prito ako ng hasa-hasa isang araw nang bigla kong naalala ang mga araw ng aking kabataan. Bata pa lang ako ay madalas na akong isama ni Mama sa pamamalengke – grade 5 o grade 6 siguro ako noon. Walang ibang amoy sa loob ng palengke kung hindi ang masangsang naRead More