There is one evil every fictionist duels with constantly: the demon of doubt.

And this demon, it is relentless, attacking the writer day or night.

This demon will poison the mind with thoughts meant to break the spirit. This demon will question your purpose for writing. This demon will weaken your commitment to your craft, until finally, you are convinced that you should abandon a life-long love, despite knowing that this will torment and haunt you forever.

This is why any fictionist will tell you the most important thing for them to hear are these four words:


Knowing that there are people out there reading fiction invigorates the fictionist. It inspires him / her to continue to write, and to write more.

This is not a humblebrag, but a state-of-the-fictionist-nation:


Because a world full of excited readers and inspired writers is a world where we are all truly alive.

PS: Thank you to the University of Mindanao student who sent me a private message telling me that she read and chose my short story for a class assignment.

I didn’t even know my short story Apat Na Pisong Buhay was part of the book Ang Aklat Likhaan ng Tula at Maikling Kuwento published by UP Press.

August 6, 2019