Catching the boat ride to a new life

Catching the boatride to a new life

Catching the boat ride to a new life
Nathaniel T. Dela Cruz
Animal Scene Magazine
February 2007

She was all arms and legs in helping the animals in need that came across her life. She saved those she found abandoned in the streets, sometimes even adopting from a local pet adoption center (specifically her dog, Ford, who was adopted from the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center {PARC}). She was virtually one of the quiet heroes in the crusade to forward animal rights because she felt that she was needed by those who cannot help themselves.

Now it was her time of need, and because of the seed of love and compassion she planted all her life, she sowed the same kind of response.

When long-time animal rescuer and humane educator Mrs. Delfin and her family needed help to transport their pets to their new home in Cebu , many brave and caring souls came forward and give aid.

The family underwent tough financial times, with the GSIS foreclosing their house in Manila that forced them to move to Cebu , taking with them their 25 cats and 3 dogs. They’ve been trying to find ways to transport their animals since June 2006. Without electricity, Mrs. Delfin and her son have stayed behind and haggled for more time with GSIS because their beloved dogs and cats are still there.

Mrs. Delfin, a certified dyed in wool animal lover, would not even consider leaving her pets, even if they’ve been repeatedly asked by well-meaning friends to let their pets loose and leave them all behind, or leave them with PAWS.

This prompted a shout out for aid for Mrs. Delfin and her pets, and in a short period of time, aid started to come in. All in all, the donors managed to come up with P19, 340!!!

Mrs. Delfin’s one wish was for her entire family – pets included – to be home together in time for Christmas, and with the help of those who came to her aid – namely Ms. Nenita Ang, Ms. Adele Bacaltos, Ms. Frances Tomacruz, Ms. Joyce Rivera, Ms. Pinky Bustamante and Mr. Andre Marcelo Tanner, her wish was granted. CARA – another animal welfare group – even lent the Delfin family seven (7) cages for the transport of the cats.

Having answered the problems posed by financial constraints, the Delfin family still has one more problem to attend to, that which once again showed the compassion and willing helping hand of even strangers.

A Super Ferry rule says there is a maximum of 5 (five) animals to be brought per passenger. Mrs. Delfin approached fellow passengers and asked them if she could put the other animals in their names. They were able to do just that, and all animals and their human partners are safely en route to Cebu , estimated to arrive at the port of the Queen City of the South by 7pm .

Once in Cebu , the Delfin’s do not plan to stop their work for animals. They have made plans to have an animal shelter and a humane education center in Cebu once their financial situation improves.