The Skull Kite

That’s odd, I said to myself, wondering if I was still dreaming. I rubbed my eyes and got up from bed, hoping to shake off any remnants of my sleepiness which should have been fully extinguished by my satisfying afternoon nap. Curious still, I lumbered towards the open window toRead More


SleepwalkerStory and Art by Nathaniel T. Dela CruzFiction, short storyPlayboy May-June 2017 issuepp. 114-117 “Do you believe me now, doctor?” The words echoed inside Jeremy’s head as he slowly regains consciousness. The sound was distant and fading, like a voice of some dream-like, magical being who is falling down aRead More

A Wanderer’s Warning

Someone threw a plastic bag filled with garbage on the side of the road along Kalye Sisa one Monday morning. No one saw who did it. No one was punished for this punishable act, and no one seemed to mind. As a result, others followed suit. People would pass byRead More


Sand. Sugar. Salt. I cleared my mind and imagined an hourglass slowly empty while reciting my mantra over and over again. I felt a hand gently touch my arm, breaking my concentration. “Are you ok?” The recitation stopped. The hourglass disappeared. I turned towards my companion and nodded. I amRead More

Gifts from a Crow – Your Sister Ellen

It was obvious in the way Allen looked when he joined his mother for breakfast that he was upset – the drag in his steps, the pout on his lips, and the blank stare reeking of lethargy and disinterest are tell-tale signs that do not go unnoticed by his motherRead More


Binuksan ni M ang pintuan ng dressing room at sinilip kung gaano karami na ang tao sa loob ng Sexy Time KTV. Tsk. Malutong ang palatak ng dismayadong dalaga. Wari ay nabasa ni Cherry ang iniisip ng kasamahan. “Miyerkules kasi kaya ganyan. Tapos next week pa sweldo, kaya ayan, ngangaRead More

Apat na Pisong Buhay

“O, malapit na tayo sa Monumento, ‘yung mga hindi pa nagbabayad, magbayad na,” sabi ng drayber habang tinitingnan ang mga pasahero mula sa rearview mirror. Nagkatinginan. Animo’y hinahanap ng isa’t-isa kung sino ba ang tinutukoy ng mamang drayber. Ibinalik ko ang tingin sa kanila, baka kasi isipin nilang ako yungRead More