5 Things The New Passion For People Video Says About Kids

Last year, VXI Philippines (VXI PH) launched their Passion for People video, which eventually became viral.

No surprise there, since many Filipinos today work in the BPO industry, and many can relate to the sentiments aired in this poignant video sure to tug at your heart strings.

VXI PH, recently crowned Best Contact Center and BPO Company of the Year, has released another video, this time featuring kids!

VXI Passion for People – Kids EditionWhat makes these kids happy?

The morning hugs when we can’t kiss them goodnight.
The smile we put on their faces, not just the toys we put in their hands.
The effort to spend time, not just money.

These are the reasons why these kids are happy.

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Posted by VXI PH on Friday, June 23, 2017


For parents working in a call center, this video is both a reality check as well as a salute!

Indeed, the most difficult of times bring out the best in those who are passionate.


What’s great about this video is that you don’t have to be in a call center to be able to relate to the struggles that come with parenting. The truth is this: finding the perfect balance between work and family time is a real challenge, and oftentimes, many parents are harshly judged by others just because they think parents are putting more time for work. These cynics often forget that work enables parents to provide for their children’s needs, and most importantly, parents ALWAYS find a way to make sure they give their children sufficient time and attention no matter what – even if it means sacrificing their own personal time.

Three cheers to all hardworking parents who do not make excuses but instead make time, however difficult it is. Three cheers as well to VXI PH – this video is every indefatigable parent’s much-needed pat in the back. Recognizing the efforts of these parents would definitely inspire them to continue working hard for the sake of their children’s future and well-being.

But this video isn’t just about parents.

Another thing that is great about the new Passion for People video is that it allows us to see children in a new light. This video not only educates the audience about the struggle and the perseverance of parents, but it also informs the audience about the qualities of children often ignored, rarely seen, and seldom appreciated, simply because people think they’re “just kids”.

I’ve listed the five things the new VXI Passion For People video made us realize.

5. Kids are totally and hands down adorable in their own way

Even if they seem upset, they are still super cute!


4. Kids are not materialistic

Toys are great but hugs and kisses are better!


3. Kids understand what adults go through

At a young age, they are already capable of being sensitive to what other people are going through, especially their parents.


2. Kids make sense

They all have a valid point here, you know. We should take the time to listen to what they have to say.


1. Kids are Passionate!

They are passionate about family time! They are passionate about bonding with their parents!

And yes, they are passionate about home-cooked meals too, like mommy’s sinigang!


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